Monday, April 6, 2015

Colourings i have done over the last week.

Hi Everyone,
I have had rather a wonderful time just lately and am going to put all the colourings that I have done recently in this post. Some of them I don't know the artists but I say thank you to all those who do digi stamps for us, people that cannot draw.
I will put them on one at a time and try and remember the colours etc that I used.
The first one I am putting on is a bear that I made my first attempt at using water colour pencils, I don't think it is very good, but if I put it on then I will learn from the comments.
 As I said this was I think a free colouring picture of the net, don't remember the site, but he was very cute. I did the ground in various green water colour pencils, I have the Derwent 24 colour set. I did the sky in pinks and reds and purples. The grass and the sky I did by scribbling on the paper with the colours and then putting a wet paint brush to them. The flowers I did by putting my wet paint brush onto the pencil and then putting the colour onto the paper, and I think I prefer this method. The flower was done in yellow and red. The bear was painted in the same way as the flower in browns.
I have changed my mind, and am going to do a separate post for every one or they will be to long.
I look forwards to all the comments and criticisms.
Thank you.
Love and best wishes.

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