Thursday, January 2, 2014

That Craft Place Ltd and AL Solutions

Hi Everyone,
Well it is the start of a new year, so I am going to be showing you some things that our Company Al Solutions made for my very good friend at that Craft Place Ltd.
She has a shop in Eastborne, 32 Pevensey Road, Eastbourne.
She has a shop on
She has a facebook shop at
She also has a facebook page where we get together and natter and show our things that we make of: that is:
The two shops I think will be of the main interest to you, her stuff is very reasonably priced and she is a really super person to deal with either her or her husband Danny.
The things that I am going to show here, or most of them can also be supplied by AL Solutions, 5 Rondale, Knutsford Road. Plumstead, 7800 Western Province , South Africa,
Phone 021 7629800
Cell Anne:  072 489 8159
Cell Les:     079 901 8767.
Lisa will give you prices in Pounds, and of course we work in South African Rands. If you would like to order from either of us, we would all be quite happy to give you the prices that we charge.
We would all be very happy to help you get your craft things that you want.

All the above are manufactured by us and available from both Lisa and us.
The one's I am putting on now are designed by Lisa and manufactured by her.
They are only available from her.

We hope that you enjoy your shopping expeditions at either place.
At Al Solutions, we can also manufacture things for you.
I wish you all the best for 2014.
Love and best wishes.

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