Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cards for Sale

Hi Everyone,
I am putting my hand made cards up for sale.
There is only one of each, no repeat's, but if you wish to order then I am quite willing to make a card for any occasion.
The cards cost R10-00 not including postage.
Here are the ones that are already made and for sale.
Any one interested, either leave a message below with email so I can contact you, or email me at

As I say these prices are in South African Rands, The exchange rate in South Africa is:
10.88 us Dollars to the Rand that means that card today will cost about 1 dollar.
17.83 pounds to the Rand which means a card today will cost about 56 pents
14.83 Euro's to the rand which means a card today will cost about .67 euro's
These prices do not include postage, which will depend on where we send them.
Thank you very much for reading this.
I hope that you all have a fantastic day.
Love and best wishes.

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