Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day at Backsberg Wine Estate

Hi Everyone,
I hope that everyone had a really wonderful Christmas.
I had a really fantastic day. My husband, Les, My Brother, Charles and his wife, Gen went to Backsberg Wine Estate in Paarl, which is about an hour's drive from where we live, for Lunch.
We arrived there to be offered a free wine tasting which we did, and then we went to our table, and soory to say did not take photo's till we had finished eating, because the tabbles were beautifully done. Wtiht white table cloths, and a small plate of olives and feta cheese, and another with various breads, We soon tucked into that, had to tell Les to stare clear of the cheese as he is allergic to chillies. We sat quite relaxed and chattered away, and then went in and got our starters, there were the most beautiful platters of all sorts of fish, and as they got toward empty they were replaced. There was salmon and rolmops, and praws and crab and calamari and muscles and some fish mouse like thing, everything was delishish.
We then chattered some more, and went in for our main course, they had inside stacks of different veg and salad dishes and suasage and ham and bacon rolls and chicken, but we got our veg and salad and then went out and had the spit roast lamb, absolutely yum.
We then took another break and these photo's were taken, the bad ones are mine and the good one's taken by someone else.

We then Chattered away and carried on having a really wonderful relaxed time with family and then  we went for desert, well I don't know about anyone else but they all looked so good one had trouble choosing what to take.

We then sat comfortably and nattered away untill about four pm having arrived at 11:45am we wen to have coffee. 
We spent the most wonderful day together had some marvelous food and some good music and two marvelous bottles of pumphouse shiraz.
A really good time was had by all and we all got home very hot and somewhat tired but very contented.
I hope that everyone had an incredibly wonderful Christmas as well.
Thank you everyone for your support and friendship.
Love and best wishes.

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  1. Looks like a great time! The food and wine looks amazing!